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Troubleshooting your Solar Charger and Solar Panel for Ring Video Doorbells

Troubleshoot your Solar Charger or Solar Panel for Ring video doorbells:



Make sure you review the model name on the label on the back of your video doorbell before purchasing a Solar Charger or Solar Panel to ensure compatibility.

If you have an incompatible device, you’ll need to return it to the retailer you purchased it from and buy the correct solar device for your video doorbell.

Find out what model doorbell you have in the Ring app.

Wedge Kits and Corner Kits

Solar Chargers can be used with a Wedge Kit or a Corner Kit. Only one Wedge Kit or Corner Kit is recommended. Stacking more than one Wedge Kit or Corner Kit changes the angle of the doorbell and can cast a shadow on the Solar Charger, making it less effective. Solar Chargers should have direct sunlight for optimal performance.

Multiple doorbells

The Ring Solar Panel can only connect with one Ring video doorbell, and a Ring video doorbell can only connect to one Solar Panel. You cannot connect the Solar Panel to an existing mechanical or digital chime.


Solar device not charging video doorbell

In order to extend the lifetime of the lithium-ion battery, your Solar Charger or Solar Panel will not begin charging your battery until its percentage drops below 90%. You may see the solar device’s status as “Not Connected” in the Ring app when your battery is over a 90% charge, and this is normal.

Your Solar Charger or Solar Panel will only show as connected in the Ring app when it has stored power.

If the device is out of the sun long enough to completely run out of power, it will show as “Not Connected” in the Ring app. Once the device is exposed to enough sunlight to charge up, the status will return to “Connected".

Cloudy weather and snow

Ring solar devices require 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight a day. If the weather is cloudy or you get a lot of snow, this would limit the hours of direct sunlight your device is receiving, which would lessen the charge. Colder temperatures can also cause excessive drain to your lithium-ion battery.

Learn more about extreme weather conditions and your Ring device.

Your Solar Charger or Solar Panel requires direct sunlight.

Filtered or indirect sunlight through the clouds will not provide a charge to your doorbell. Make sure there are no obstructions that could cast a shadow on your solar power device such as an extended roof, trees branches or bushes. If you can't ensure direct sunlight, try an alternative power solution like Plug-In Adapter (2nd Gen).

Poor battery life

If your battery life is still relatively short even with plenty of direct sunlight, motion events are probably draining the power. Try adjusting your Motion Sensitivity slider and optimizing your Motion Frequency.

Ring solar power devices act as a supplement to your battery, not a substitute.

While your solar power device will extend your battery’s life and the time between needed recharges, it does not eliminate the need to recharge your battery.

Last updated 3 months ago