A car owner placing Ring Car Cam on the inside dashboard of their car

Cool Down Mode for Car Cam

Code: W6-02

Learn what to do if your Car Cam enters Cool Down Mode or overheats, and how to prevent this from happening.

Extreme temperatures and other conditions may cause your Ring Car Cam to enter Cool Down Mode or overheat. When this happens, you’ll see a fan icon on your Ring app main dashboard and device dashboard. Tapping on this icon will show a screen with information about Cool Down Mode.


When Car Cam is in Cool Down Mode, disturbance detection will be paused until the device cools down to help avoid your device overheating and going offline.

If your car is parked in direct sunlight and your Car Cam enters Cool Down Mode, we recommend moving your car to the shade. When your Car Cam has cooled down, disturbance detection will resume.

Can Car Cam overheat?

Yes. Car Cam is designed to operate between the temperatures of 14°F to 131°F (-10°C to 55°C). If the interior cabin of your vehicle exceeds that temperature, or if Car Cam is placed in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, it may shut off to cool down. Car Cam will power back on once it has cooled to a safe operating temperature.

When possible, parking in the shade will help keep your vehicle and Car Cam cooler.

Last updated 5 months ago