Person reviewing their Neighbors app feed on a mobile phone.

Understanding Identified Users in the Neighbors App

One of the most important elements of the Neighbors app is being able to trust the information you receive. That’s why Ring Neighbors uses an “identified user” badge to let you know that a source can be trusted. The rest of this article will give you all the details on who identified users are and how the badge is used. 

What is an identified user badge on Neighbors?

An identified user badge is a check that appears next to the name on an account’s profile. This badge indicates that the Neighbors team has confirmed that the account is managed by the public safety agency or community organization it represents. Identified users can connect, communicate, and share safety updates with their community members through Neighbors Public Safety Service. 

Note: Identified users are expected to be respectful and must follow Ring's community guidelines.The identified user badge does not imply an endorsement by Ring.

How can my agency or organization become an identified user on Neighbors?

To request to be added to Ring’s Neighbors Public Safety Service and become an identified user please visit

Can anyone get an identified user badge? 

No. The identified user badge is only given to a verified public safety or community organization. 

Can a Neighbors user choose to filter out posts from an identified user?

No. Neighbors users do not currently have the option to filter out posts from identified users on Neighbors.