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How to Select the Mounting Location for Your Outdoor Siren

Your Outdoor Siren can be installed almost anywhere on the outside of your home or building, but we recommend choosing a spot that includes the following considerations:

  • Visibility -
    Your Outdoor Siren’s LED lights and siren should be visible to anyone passing by.
  • Safe access -
    You should install the Outdoor Siren in a spot where you can access the batteries safely. If you need to use a ladder, make sure there is solid ground below.
  • Close to your power source -
    If using the Plug-in Adapter 2nd Gen or hardwiring the Outdoor Siren, it should be close to an outlet or electrical wiring. If you’re using the Solar Panel, make sure the spot gets good sunlight.
  • Within Z-Wave Range
    - Within range of your Ring Alarm or a Range Extender, to ensure that the Outdoor Siren can communicate with your system.
  • Spacing
    - Make sure there’s 1 inch (2.5 cm) of space around the Outdoor Siren so you can remove and replace the Siren when mounting.

Tap here for an Outdoor Siren overview and setup info.

Last updated 7 months ago