Ring Chime Pro (2nd Generation) plugged into a wall in a modern kitchen.

Setting Up Chime Pro (2nd Gen) in the Ring App

With Chime Pro (2nd Gen), you can hear notifications anywhere in your home and extend your wifi signal to boost the network for all your Ring Video Doorbells and Cams. To get started, follow the steps below.

Set up in the Ring app.

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. Tap the
    menu (☰)
    Set Up a Device
  3. Tap
  4. Scan the QR code on the back of the device with the camera on your mobile device.

Choose your Ring device's location.

Select the location where you want to connect Chime Pro. Keep in mind, you can only hear alerts for Ring doorbells and cameras at the same location.

Positioning Chime Pro.

When choosing where to plug in Chime Pro, pick a spot that halfway between your wifi router and the Ring device that is furthest away from the router. That way Chime Pro will be able to best extend your Ring network signal.

Plug Chime Pro into an outlet.

Make sure the outlet where you plug Chime Pro in is not obstructed by any furniture or dense walls – this will affect the signal.

Chime Pro will automatically enter Setup Mode.

The light on the front of your Chime Pro will start to flash green when it's ready to connect.

Having trouble with Setup?

Connect to Chime Pro's local network.

  • iOS
    : Tap
    when the Ring app asks to join the Ring device's wifi network.
  • Android
    : Your device should automatically connect to the Ring device's wifi network.

If you're having trouble connecting, try going to your wifi network and select ChimePro-XXXXXX (the X's will be numbers from its unique device ID).

Connect Chime Pro to your wifi.

Input your wifi network password. Remember, the password is case sensitive.

Learn how to link Chime Pro to your Ring doorbells and cameras.

Last updated 4 months ago