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Take Over a Deceased or Medically Incapacitated Person's Account

If you simply need to get access to a device to set it up, you can follow the self-service device transfer process.

In order to protect customer data, you’ll need to provide verification to Ring Customer Support to access their Ring account, including:

  • Stored video recordings*
  • Ring Alarm
  • Smart Lighting
  • Ring Pet Tag
  • Ring Access Controller Pro
  • Access to subscription billing.

Verification you'll need to provide to Ring Community Support:

  • A certified death certificate and
  • The email address associated with the account
    the MAC address (serial number) located on the device to help us authenticate the correct account.

And one of the following:

  • A notarized letter of appointment naming you as the Executor of the estate or a notarized letter of appointment from the Executor with written consent to transfer the account to you.
  • Copy of the decedent's will, trust, power of attorney or other document clearly evidencing the deceased's consent to transfer the account to you.
  • Active Power of Attorney document.
  • Notarized documentation proving ownership change.

This documentation is required to ensure we only take action on the correct account, and account information is provided only to authorized persons with a legal entitlement to the information requested. The documents provided will be deleted after validation.

Please contact Ring Customer Support once you have the above documents and are ready to upload them.

* An active Ring Protect Plan must be in place to view any stored videos.

Last updated 4 weeks ago