Ring Alarm Base Station with the Keypad and Stick Up Cam on a console in a modern home

How To Connect Ring Alarm Base Station to Ethernet and Wifi

Get answers on what to do if you’re experiencing internet interruption due to wifi credentials being removed when an ethernet cable is connected.

Can I connect the Ring Alarm Base Station to both Ethernet and wifi?

No. The Ring Alarm Base Station can only be connected to the Internet through either an Ethernet Cable or a 2.4 or 5 GHz wifi connection.

If you connected your Base Station to the Internet using wifi during its initial setup, the connection and your credentials will be removed as a security feature if you plug in an Ethernet cable. If your Base Station is connected to the Internet using an Ethernet cable, when you attempt to connect to wifi you should receive a message stating that as long as the Ethernet cable is plugged in, you will not be able to connect to wifi.

Important: Make sure you run the Ethernet cable away from the Base Station. Avoid placing the Ethernet cable over the front of the Base Station speaker and LED ring.

Last updated 4 months ago