Person reviewing their Neighbors app feed on a mobile phone.

Using the Neighbors App During the National Health Emergency

The Neighbors App has always been about community safety. As we all take steps to stay safe from COVID-19, we want to share some tips to help your neighbors and community.

Be mindful when posting or commenting in the Neighbors App.

We value truthful information on the Neighbors App, and during the current health situation it is especially important that we ensure accurate and complete information is shared. 

  • When making a post about a situation, please provide as much information as possible, include any reputable sources if you are referencing external information, and don’t speculate if you don’t have proof. 
  • Be respectful and neighborly. Do not engage in personal attacks or use inappropriate language. We want to make sure we are creating a safe and inclusive community for our neighbors.
  • Avoid making commercial solicitations.

Post responsibly.

We ask that you refrain from posting unverified information – these posts have a higher chance of creating panic and being counterproductive to the safe and supportive environment we want to create.  

Look to trusted sources. 

You should always seek out information from official sources, if you see or hear information you should consider vetting that information before acting on it. The CDC, WHO, and your state’s Department of Health are great sources in addition to reputable news outlets.  

Support each other and be neighborly. 

We’ve seen heartwarming posts of users offering to drop off essential supplies, providing detailed information on which stores are stocked, and even donating childcare and pet sitting services. These are a few examples of the community coming together to help each other. Supporting your neighbors is as important as ever, but please also be sure to take care of yourself.

Last updated 7 months ago