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Why Ring Needs a Verification Code When Signing In

Learn more about verification codes and why Ring requires them for signing in.

An extra layer of account security

When you sign in to Ring, we require you to enter your password and a 6-digit verification code. These two account security "steps" help us verify your identity, or Two-Step Verification.

Verification code requirements

When creating your Ring account, Ring offers you two options for how to receive your verification code: by text message to a phone number you provide, or you can generate a code in an authenticator app on a device you enroll in your Ring account.

Verification codes by text message

With this option, we'll send you a text with a 6-digit code to the phone number you provide, after entering your password. Enter that code, and you're in.

  • This code expires after 10 minutes
  • You can request to resend a code after 60 seconds during sign in if you didn't receive it

Learn more about getting verification codes by text.

Verification codes generated by an authenticator app

With this option, you must open the authenticator app on a device you enroll to retrieve a 6-digit code each time you sign-in to Ring. We'll request this code after you enter your password.

  • This code regenerates every 30-60 seconds
  • You can only retrieve the code from your enrolled device

Learn more about using an authenticator app to sign in.

Troubleshooting your sign-in to Ring

If you're having trouble receiving a verification code by text message or authenticator app, you can use an alternate method to verify your account. Learn more

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