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Ring Access Controller Pro 2 Information

If you live in a home or small building with a security gate, Ring Access Controller Pro 2 can provide access through your gate for authorized visitors and Amazon deliveries by using the Ring app.

This article answers common questions concerning Ring Access Controller Pro 2.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ring Access Controller Pro 2?

Ring Access Controller Pro 2 is a smart access device that works with an existing electrical access control system that can be triggered via relay to grant access through your security gate with the Ring app. Ring Access Controller Pro 2 makes it easy for you to remotely unlock your gate to grant access to friends or Amazon delivery drivers to deliver eligible packages.

Note: You must obtain any necessary permissions to enable Amazon Key In-Gate deliveries for your address prior to activating such service.

What's the difference between Ring Access Controller Pro and Ring Access Controller Pro 2?

Ring Access Controller Pro 2 takes the Cellular and Ethernet capabilities of its predecessor and combines them into one device with a smaller form for added convenience. 

How does Ring Access Controller Pro 2 work?

Once Ring Access Controller Pro 2 is professionally installed near a power outlet and your remote access panel, you can remotely unlock your security gate by using the Ring app. You can also turn on the Amazon Key In-Gate delivery service to allow Amazon delivery agents one-time access to your security gate in order to drop off packages in a secure location.

You can also unlock a gate through the Quick Controls of a Ring doorbell or camera in the Ring app.

How do I know if my home can use Ring Access Controller Pro 2?

You will need to have a gate or door with an electrical relay or Wiegand access system. We do not recommend turning on Amazon Key In-Gate Delivery if your access point (gate or door) does not automatically close, or if it requires authorization to exit.

With your security in mind, drivers are only granted one-time access which expires immediately upon use. Therefore, access points that require an additional command to close or exit will not allow Amazon Key In-Gate Delivery to function properly. You can work with our recommended professional installation company here, or your local technician to confirm it will work at your home.

For more information on compatibility, please visit this Ring Access Controller Pro 2 technical page.

Do I need any other products to use Ring Access Controller Pro 2?

In order to control your gate or grant Amazon Key In-Gate delivery, you can use the Ring app to control your Ring Access Controller Pro 2.

Can I share access to Ring Access Controller Pro 2?

Yes. You can share access to your Ring Access Controller Pro 2 by using your Ring app’s Shared Users function. 

Tap here to learn more about Shared Users.

Can I install Ring Access Controller Pro 2 by myself?

Professional installation is recommended due to the complicated nature of the electrical wiring. Check to see if our official professional installer provides service in your area by tapping here or reach out to a trusted local technician. 

Please reach out to your original access control system installer or a trusted local technician for support.

Tap here for technical details on installation

Tap here for help with Amazon Key

Please email our support team at, or call:

+1 (888) 255-1041

Monday through Friday, 6 AM to 5 PM PST

Saturdays, 8 AM to 4 PM

Do I need to do anything before my installation appointment?


  • Ring Access Controller Pro 2 itself is not included in the appointment. The unit itself and all included contents should be purchased and readily available when the installer arrives.
  • You must obtain any necessary permissions to install the device at your restricted access panel.
  • When the installer arrives, you will need to show them where the restricted access panel is.
  • Update your Ring app to the latest software version.
  • Sign into the Ring app. This app lets you control locks and configure Amazon Key In-Gate delivery for your Ring Access Controller Pro 2.

Will Ring Access Controller Pro 2 interfere with my already existing restricted access panel?

No. Ring Access Controller Pro 2 will enhance your current system and give you the ease of opening your exterior gate via the Ring app from anywhere in the world.

My Ring Access Controller Pro 2 has been installed but my Amazon Key In-Gate delivery isn’t working yet. What’s going on?

You can enable Amazon Key In-Gate Delivery within the settings for Ring Access Controller Pro 2 in the Ring app. Once enabled, it typically takes 5 days to activate for the first time (though in some rare cases it can take up to 30 days or longer). Amazon delivery drivers will then be able to access your gate when delivering packages to your address. If you toggle on or off thereafter, the setting change will take effect immediately.

Will my existing Ring products work with Ring Access Controller Pro 2?

You can use any Ring camera device via the Quick Controls feature to control your gate from the Ring app. You do not need any additional devices to control your gate.

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