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Learn About Quick Controls

Quick Controls is a feature in the Timeline that will allow you to see the current status of multiple devices at a glance. Quick Controls puts Location-relevant device controls over lights and sirens, on your Ring devices, as well as smart locks and smart lighting available at that Location. Quick Controls will also show the status of myQ-enabled garage doors when you review recordings on your Timeline. 

Quick Control illustration in the Ring app

How do Quick Controls work?

Quick Controls are function-specific buttons for the current Location. Press the button in the bottom center of the Live View (or on the left-hand side in landscape orientation), you will see up to three tabs:

  • Device Control:
    Shows the current status of, and provides toggles to activate, the light and/or siren for the Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam, and Stick Up Cam and smart lighting.
  • Locks:
    Shows the current status of, and provides toggles to lock/unlock, any
    , and
    associated with the Location and account.
  • Garage:
    Shows the current status of linked myQ garage door opener devices, and provides a link to the myQ app where the garage doors can be opened or closed. 

Note: Going to the myQ app will end a Live View.

To see Quick Controls in Live View, you must have Event History Timeline enabled. 

To ensure that your Event History Timeline is enabled:To ensure your Event History timeline is enabled:

  1. Tap the
    three lines (≡) on the top left
    in the Ring app.
  2. Tap
  3. Look for
    Advanced Settings.
  4. Toggle the
    Event History Timeline
    on (blue).

Last updated 5 months ago