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How Public Safety Agencies Use Neighbors

What is Neighbors Public Safety Service?

Neighbors Public Safety Service (NPSS) is the interface that allows public safety officials to connect, communicate and share hyper-local updates with their communities. With NPSS, public safety users can see and comment on publicly posted content from the Neighbors App feed, share posts, and manage voluntarily shared video recordings.

Why do local public safety agencies use Neighbors?

Neighbors provides local public safety agencies with a feature to help them better engage with and inform the communities they serve. Neighbors is a meeting place for every community member, which includes local public safety agencies. When neighborhoods and public safety work together, we can build stronger communities.

How do users benefit from local public safety agencies using Neighbors?

Public safety users can post information about activity in the community, view and comment on public posts within their jurisdiction as an identified public safety user.

What information do public safety users have access to when they use Neighbors?

Neighbors is designed to ensure that when local public safety agencies use Neighbors, they do not have access to user information or video recordings unless a user posts that information or video recording to the Neighbors App. Specifically: 

  • Device Privacy - Public safety users cannot access your Ring device, such as seeing your Ring device’s live video stream or otherwise controlling your Ring device. 
  • Video Privacy - Public safety users cannot view any of your Ring video recordings unless you post it to the Neighbors App. 
  • Account Privacy -  Public safety users cannot see your name, contact information, location or whether you viewed a post unless you post that information to the Neighbors App.

If a local public safety agency starts using Neighbors, how will I know?

Ring sends in-app announcements to users through the Neighbors App when local public safety agencies start using the app. You may also see a press release, social media posts or other external announcements if the local public safety agency chooses to post them. Additionally, users can search the Active Agency Map here to see if their local public safety agency is using the Neighbors App.

Where can I learn more about how local public safety agencies use Neighbors?

We’ve created a Neighbors Public Safety Service Help Center to help our local public safety users learn how to use Neighbors to communicate with residents. Anyone can view this Help Center by clicking here

How do I request my local public safety agency to start using Neighbors?

Please contact your local public safety agency and encourage them to contact us at to learn how to get involved.

How much does it cost for local public safety agencies use Neighbors?

Neighbors is free for all users, including local public safety agencies. 

If my local public safety agency is on Neighbors, do I still need to file a police report when posting a crime-related incident to the app?

Yes. Posting on the Neighbors App does not replace filing an official report. Please call your local public safety agency for more information on filing a report. 

Do I need to register my camera with my local public safety agency?

Ring devices are not part of any camera registration programs. Ring does not participate in any programs that require users to register cameras with public safety as a condition of receiving or purchasing a device.

I have feedback and/or questions about local public safety agency’s use Neighbors, where can I send it?

We would love to hear your feedback. Please email us at

Last updated 4 months ago