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Outdoor Siren Settings for Sound, LED, and Dusk to Dawn

The Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren has customizable volume and LED settings. 

Note: In some areas there are laws about the volume and duration of outdoor sirens. Check your local laws.

Siren Settings

The volume and duration settings are customizable. These settings do not impact the volume or duration of any other sirens you may have, including the Ring Alarm Base Station, Keypad, or Dome Siren.

  • Volume
    - You can select from one of five volume levels: Silent, Very Low, Low, Loud and Loudest. If Silent is selected, the Outdoor Siren’s siren will not sound, but the Outdoor Siren’s LEDs will flash. (When set to Loud, the Outdoor Siren is over 100 dB at 1m.)
  • Duration
    - You can also decide how long you want the Outdoor Siren to sound. The Ring app lets you choose the siren alarming duration, from 1 to 10 minutes.

The Outdoor Siren will turn off when Ring Alarm is silenced, disarmed, or at the end of the preset duration. 

Red Strobe LED

The strobe LED light setting cannot be customized. The strobe light will stop flashing and turn off when Ring Alarm is disarmed, or after 25 minutes. 

Dusk to Dawn / Ring Logo LED Settings

When you turn on the Dusk to Dawn feature, your Outdoor Siren will let everyone know your home is protected by Ring. The Ring logo will gently glow all night, with customizable start and end times.

You can set the Dusk to Dawn feature to turn on up to 90 minutes before or after dusk, and turn off 90 minutes before or after dawn. 

To set your preferred time, tap the LED Settings tile on the Outdoor Siren device screen, then switch the Ring LED setting toggle to on. Next, select your preferred start and end time, and save your settings.

Note: The Dusk to Dawn feature requires two power sources to work. This means you need to add a Quick Release Battery Pack or a hardwired option in addition to the included D Batteries.

Last updated 5 months ago