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Ring Power Pack LED Light Patterns


Ring Power Pack LED patterns

LED Color
Solid Green On for 5 seconds
Power Pack is plugged into AC power (seen before charging begins)
Power Pack is plugged into another Power Pack
Power Pack is plugged into Ring Alarm Pro
Solid Orange
Flashing Green (1 second on, 2 seconds off)
Power Pack is in use, battery is discharging
Flashing Orange (1 second On, 2 seconds Off)
Power pack is in use, low battery
Flashing Red (1 second On, 2 seconds Off)
Critically low battery
Flashing Red / Orange
The USB-C power cable is not plugged in correctly. Please check and make sure that the orange and blue end of the the USB-C cable are plugged into the Power In and Power Out ports correctly.
Flashing Green / Orange
Downloading and installing a software in progress.
Note: Do not unplug Power Packs during a software update.
Flashing Green 10x
(500 milliseconds on and off)
Someone has tapped a Power Pack in the app, and the LED is flashing to indicate which one it is.
LED off
Power Pack is fully charged, and not in use.
Power Pack is out of power
Ring Power Pack is plugged in and not charging
Solid Red (5 seconds on)
Incorrect cable or malfunctioning cable being used

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Last updated 6 months ago