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Outdoor Siren Hardwiring Instructions

The Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren comes with the required installation screws and mounting anchors to install the Outdoor Siren on either soft or hard surfaces such as wood or brick.

Before you begin

Make sure your alarm system is set up and working in the Ring app before you install.

You’ll need these tools:

  • Ladder or sturdy platform
  • Power drill with 7/32” (6mm) drill bit compatible with your exterior wall material
  • #2 Phillips head screwdriver
  • Mounting hardware included with the Outdoor Siren, including screws, anchors, and mounting bracket

WARNING: When standing on a ladder, please use extra caution when performing these tasks to minimize the risk of falling.

Hardwiring Specifications

The Outdoor Siren’s hardwire terminal block supports 9–28V, 12W DC power input and 22–16AWG gauge wire.

  • Do not apply DC power above or below 9–28V, 12W
  • Do not apply AC power
  • Do not use wire gauge above or below 22–16AWG

WARNING: Electrical shock hazard. Always turn off the Circuit Breaker for your Outdoor Siren before you begin working with electrical wiring.

Hardwiring your Outdoor Siren

  1. Loosen the Outdoor Siren’s positive and negative terminals with a #2 Phillips head screwdriver.
  2. Open the rubber cover and thread the wires through.
  3. Connect the positive and negative wires and securely re-tighten the terminals.

Safety Note: We recommend that you consult a licensed professional electrician if you are not experienced with hardwiring projects. Please use extra caution when using a ladder to minimize the risk of fall.