An assortment of Ring Smart Lighting products lighting up a homeowner's front yard at night.

Updating the Firmware on your Smart Solar Lighting

Ring devices are constantly being updated to improve their efficiency, add new features, or upgrade their security. When this happens, your device may need to update its "firmware," or the basic software that keeps it running. This will usually happen automatically during set up and the Ring app will keep you notified on the progress of the firmware update. Note that the firmware update can take several minutes, so please be patient and do not remove power from the Bridge or any device while it is updating firmware.  

Later Firmware Updates 

Occasionally, even after installation, your devices will need a firmware update to install the latest features and security. Generally this process will happen automatically and may not be noticeable if you are not in the Ring app at the time the update occurs. If you are, however, you may notice an icon in the app along with the word "Updating" on each device that is getting a firmware update. 

During this process you will be unable to control or adjust your Smart Lights. Your devices may also flash or turn on momentarily after a firmware update, but will return to the state they were in before the update after it is completed. During a device firmware update, the lights on the Bridge may flash. If you notice this happening, do not unplug your Bridge or attempt to adjust your system until the firmware update is finished.  

Important Notes

  • Firmware updates require more power than the typical daily usage of your devices. If the battery level of your device is less than 30%, you may get a “Firmware Update Failed” error and be prompted to recharge your device or replace the batteries before the firmware update can be completed. 
  • For hardwired devices, including the A19 and PAR38 LED Bulb, the device must be powered to take a firmware update. If one of these devices is installed on a fixture with a switch and the switch is turned off, the firmware update will fail and the device will appear offline.
  • Firmware updates rely on good signal strength between your Ring Smart Lighting Bridge and wifi router, as well as good signal strength between the Bridge and any individual Ring Smart Lighting device. Firmware updates may take longer or fail if there is weak signal between devices in your system.   

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