A car owner placing Ring Car Cam on the inside dashboard of their car

Uninstalling Ring Car Cam

Uninstall Ring Car Cam by physically removing it from your vehicle and removing it from your Ring app.

Physically uninstall Ring Car Cam

  • Gently rock the base of the unit from side to side to loosen the adhesive pad. You can also gently twist clockwise or counter-clockwise to loosen the adhesive pad.
    • Leftover adhesive residue on the windshield can be removed with a mild solvent.
  • After removing the Car Cam unit, use care when removing cables and cable-routing accessories.
    • Be sure to keep the OBD-II adapter and USB cable with the Ring Car Cam unit if you want to install the device in another vehicle.

Remove Car Cam from your Ring app

If you're transferring ownership of the Ring Car Cam, you'll need to remove or deactivate the device from your Ring app, even if you've physically uninstalled it. Otherwise, the new owner will not be able to use the Ring Car Cam device in their own vehicle. 

In the Ring app:

  1. Tap the
    Menu (≡)
    on the top right.
  2. Tap
    • Tap the Car Cam.
  3. Tap
    Device Settings
    • Tap
      General Settings
    • Tap
      Remove Device
      • If you don't want to keep your events, videos or Cloud Highlights, select
        Delete Events
        to remove the device.
      • To keep videos and Cloud Highlights select
        to deactivate the device and retain access to events, including Cloud Highlights.
  4. Follow the prompts in the Ring app to complete the process.

Reinstalling Car Cam in another vehicle

Do not attach the Car Cam to the windshield until you're instructed to do so in the Ring app.

You'll need a clean windshield and a new adhesive pad. There are two spare pads in the box.

Follow the installation instructions in the Ring app.

Last updated 6 months ago