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Missing People Post

What is a Missing People post?

A Missing People post is intended to allow your community to be on the lookout for a missing person, or that someone has been found. You can include videos, images, and text. Be sure to include vital information such as a description of the individual, the date and time the person went missing and where they were last seen.

How do you create a Missing People post?

You can just tap on the New Post button in the bottom right hand corner of your feed.

What do I do when I’m reunited with my family/loved one?

When a person is reunited with their loved ones, you can mark your post as resolved. From there, you can provide an update to your neighbors. This will update the post with a resolved badge and let the community know that they don’t need to look for the person anymore.

How can people in my neighborhood contact me with updates about a missing person?

You can enable the Contact Me feature when creating a Missing People post, and when the person is found or someone has an update, they can securely call or text you through the Neighbors app. To disable this feature, simple tap the three dots on your post to turn off Contact Me. Learn more about Contact Me in the Neighbors app.