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Charging Quick Release Battery Packs in the Jobsite Security Case

Your Ring Jobsite Security Case has two slots that can be used to store and charge extra Quick Release Battery Packs for use when you need them.

Jobsite Kit Battery Charge

Quick Release Battery Packs can be seen above in the lower left corner of the case.

Quick Release Battery Packs can be charged inside the Ring Jobsite Case when it’s plugged into a power source. When the case does not have external power, the Quick Release Batteries can be used to power the fan inside the case to increase air flow and help reduce the chance of overheating.

How to insert and remove Quick Release Battery Packs

You can insert up to two Quick Release Batteries. Rotate each one so it fits into the slot.

To remove, press the metal tab and pull the battery out of the slot.

Charging Quick Release Battery Packs in the Jobsite Security Case

In order to charge Quick Release Batteries, the Jobsite Security Case needs to be plugged into a power source. When the case is unplugged, batteries will not recharge.

  1. When one battery is fully charged, both will stop charging, even if one of them is not fully charged.
  2. You can charge the batteries one at a time, or charge Quick Release Batteries using the USB plug included with your Ring devices, then insert them into the case to run the fan if needed.
  3. You can also start by charging both batteries inside the case. When charging stops, you can remove one battery to identify if it is fully charged.
  • If the battery is at 100% and does not charge, then remove it and insert the other battery to let it fully charge.
  • If the battery begins charging, leave it and let it continue to charge. The battery you removed is fully charged.

LED light patterns for the Ring Jobsite Case

When one or both Quick Release Battery Packs are fully charged, the LED will turn off.

When one or both batteries are charging, the green and orange LEDs will be on.

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