Ring Car Cam mounted to the inside dashboard of a sleek car

Vehicle Battery Usage for Car Cam

Ring Car Cam is designed to shut off automatically when a vehicle’s battery goes below a certain voltage. This happens to prevent excessive battery drain.

Several factors can impact battery life such as:

  1. The battery’s age.
  2. How often the vehicle is driven.
  3. Other electrical devices active in the vehicle. 

You can change the battery setting before Car Cam goes into power saving mode.

  • Low
    (Default): Shortest active time.
  • Medium
    : Best for vehicles that are not driven frequently.
  • High
    : Longest active time.

To Change Battery Settings in the Ring app:

  1. Tap the menu on the top left.
  2. Tap 
    • Select Car Cam
  3. Tap 
    Device Settings
  4. Tap 
    Vehicle Battery Usage
    • Follow the prompts in the app to change your settings
  5. Tap 
     on the top right

Last updated 6 months ago