A Ring Video Doorbell owner applying settings to their Ring account in the Ring app.

How to Fix Invalid Location Coordinates in the Ring App

In the Ring app, zero coordinate locations (0x0) are not valid. To ensure your Ring app features are functioning properly, please add a valid address for your location.

Zero coordinate locations may cause the following issues in the app:

  • The time zone is undefined for a user’s location.
  • Users may see a black screen in the Neighbors app and the Neighbors tab may disappear in the Ring app.
  • Users may be unable to receive relevant Neighbors’ alerts due to an invalid location.

How to fix your address in the Ring app

It's easy to change or correct your address in the Ring app. Make sure to download the latest version of the Ring app before following the steps below. To learn more, read Downloading and Updating the Ring App.

  1. Open the
    Ring app
  2. Tap the
    menu (≡)
    on the top left corner of your
  3. Tap
  4. Tap
  5. Click
    Edit Address
  6. Select a location type.
  7. Enter a valid address based on your device location and select
    Use This Address
    Edit Address
    if you need to make changes.
  8. Make sure to pin your address on the map to determine valid coordinates.
  9. Add a
    for the location and select
    Save Location

Address Note: You may need to enter your address manually if it doesn't auto-populate as you're typing it in. Only primary account holders can edit locations in their Ring app. If you are a Ring Alarm user, you may need to re-establish your Professional Monitoring with your new address. You can learn more about Professional Monitoring for Ring Alarm here.