A couple installing Peephole Cam through their peephole on their front door.

Understanding UL10C Regulation Compliance

UL10C is one of several regulations enforced on fire doors and their hardware in the United States. Building codes require doors in certain buildings to be rated to UL10C in order to make sure the door helps prevent a fire from spreading within the building. Fire door requirements vary by locale, building type, zoning, and other factors.

Ring's Peephole Cam is tested to comply with UL10C for installations on fire doors requiring a rating up to 45 minutes.

Why isn’t my Ring device UL10C certified?

While all Peephole Cams are manufactured according to the standards set forth in UL10C, a portion of Peephole Cam devices are not labeled according to the UL10C standard, and should not be installed into a fire door requiring UL10C certification.

My door/installation requires my device to be UL10C certified. What are my options?

Check your Peephole Cam’s indoor unit and/or packaging for a UL10C label. If the device is labeled for UL10C compliance, Peephole Cam can be used on your door provided the door is rated for 45 minutes or less. If your device does not carry the label, our Community Support team can replace your device with one that does.

My device came without UL10C certification on the box. Why do you have to send me a new device? Can’t you send me a certificate proving my device is certified?

Devices must be labeled for UL10C compliance directly by Ring in order to be certified for fire door installations.

My device came without the UL10C certification and I’m concerned about product safety. Is my Ring Peephole Cam safe?

All Peephole Cam units are manufactured to UL10C standards for fire doors rated up to 45 minutes in a facility that is certified for manufacturing such products.

Last updated 5 months ago