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Share Security Videos for a Safer Neighborhood

Get real-time crime alerts from your neighbors.

Share Security Videos for a Safer Neighborhood

Download the only app that updates you with real-time crime and safety alerts from your neighborhood. Keep connected and stay informed with up-to-date news from your neighbors, your community and local law enforcement, so we can work together to create safer neighborhoods for all.

Welcome to Your Ring Neighborhood

Personalize your app to get relevant alerts from your community in real-time. With Ring, you can stay connected to your home and your neighborhood wherever you are. Because Ring puts smart security in your hands.

Neighborhood Alert

Suspicious Man

32nd Street


Stay Ahead
of Local Crime

Burglars don’t just target homes. They target neighborhoods. But with real-time alerts from your neighbors, you can keep one step ahead of criminals.

Safer Communities Start With You

Join forces with your neighbors, and take a stand against local crime. Security starts with your neighborhood, and Ring is committed to making neighborhoods safer.

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Download the free Ring App to put neighborhood security in your hands, and help make our communities safer for all.