Booking a professional installation with Amazon Home Services

If you would prefer a professional installer to install your Ring device, let Amazon Home Services help. Once you’ve purchased your chosen Ring product, you can learn more about professional installation and book an appointment here.

Below are some frequently asked questions about Amazon Home Services and our installation process.

Does Amazon Home Services (AHS) operate across the United Kingdom?

AHS is available in most of England. It is not available in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or postal code areas that begin with the below prefixes:

  • EX
  • TR
  • TQ
  • PL

How do I contact AHS customer service?

You can contact AHS customer support here.

How do I schedule an installer to come to my home after purchasing my Ring device?

Please book your professional installation appointment by following the relevant link on our Installation Services page.

What experience or technical skill do the AHS installers have?

AHS technicians are very experienced in installing Ring and other smart products.

Can I install my product on my own?

Please refer to your local laws and building codes before performing electrical work on your own.

Which Ring devices does AHS install?

Please check our Installation Services page, or contact Amazon Home Services by phone, chat or website to review the qualifying Ring devices.

How many devices will AHS install on a single trip?

Please contact Amazon Home Services.

How do I cancel or reschedule my professional installation appointment?

Please contact Amazon Home Services.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my AHS appointment?

It depends on the circumstances of your cancellation. Please contact Amazon Home Services to find out whether you are eligible for a refund.

How can I file a complaint about an installer?

If you have a complaint about an AHS technician, please contact Amazon Home Services.

The installer said that my Ring device was damaged or defective. How can I get a replacement? Will I be charged again for another installation?

If the AHS technician did not proceed with your installation because your Ring device is defective or damaged, you will not be charged for the service, but you will still be responsible to pay the technician the call-out charge to come to your location.

I was charged for the installation but the installer did not complete the services. What should I do?

Please contact Amazon Home Services.

Last updated 4 months ago