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Starter Kit

A Video Doorbell 2 to protect your entrance, and a Floodlight Cam for your blindspots.

$448 $398

Starter Kit Save $50

Everyday Kit

A Video Doorbell 2 and two Floodlight Cams for superior outdoor surveillance.

$697 $597

Everyday Kit Save $100

Deluxe Kit

A Video Doorbell 2 and three Floodlight Cams for a Ring of Security.

$946 $796

Deluxe Kit Save $150

What Is Ring?

A smarter way to look at home security.

Motion-activated cameras send you instant alerts when anyone steps on your property, and the free Ring app lets you see, hear and speak to people straight from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

It's a simple solution for every corner of your home. Watch the Video >

Always Home

Ring goes beyond traditional home security.

With Ring, you can stop crime before it happens – no matter where you are. Because with Ring, you're always home.

Reducing Crime in Neighborhoods

In a recent partnership with the LAPD, Ring donated Video Doorbells to one out of every 10 homes. In just six months, that neighborhood saw a 55% reduction in burglaries.

"It's a device that can help reduce crime, deter crime and, when a crime has occurred, catch criminals." -Vito Palazzolo, LAPD Commander